Innovation, Creativity and Vision define the 2012 How Design Conference

Nélida Nassar  06.18.2012

The city of Boston will be hosting the elite How Design Conference from June 22 to June 25, 2012 at the Hynes Convention Center. The conference is a meeting point and one of the biggest gatherings of designers, freelancers, creative team managers, and other creative professionals in the country. Over three thousand of these creative minds will be arriving to Beantown transforming our city by their presence, hence bringing along their sparkle, hubris and inspiration.  The conference’s motto and mandate are to ignite attendees’ creativity, strengthen their skills, sharpen their tech savvy and connect them with peers. A selected roster of prominent speakers will present innovative and invaluable design and business strategies, communication skills and client relationships. They will as well re-examine and re-strategize the ubiquitous disciplines of graphic design from branding, logo design, typography, book design, web design and much more leaving us with invaluable new insight, perspectives and knowledge of our profession.

While the conference has a designed intense schedule, the main featured speaker Simon Bailey Founder of the Brillionaire Institute will empower HOW’s audience with his audacity, enterprising wisdom, and intrepid life-changing story. There are several events that are custom made, à la carte providing an extra focus and point of convergence that can be purchased in addition to the conference fee. They include special workshops and exclusive Boston designers’ studio visits.

The workshops will take place on Friday June 22 with the four morning sessions occurring concurrently from 9.00 a.m. until noon. A precise and defining thread links all four of these workshops whereby each speaker will attempt to demystify and debunk heterodox design methodologies based on content visualizations, neuroscience, intuition
and creativity.

Do not miss:
• Sunni Brown’s Make a World: Solving Design Challenges through Games
• Von Glitschka’s Anatomy of a Logo: Creating Effective Design under a Looming Deadline
• Peleg Top’s From Passion to Profit
• David Sherwin’s Effective Brainstorming for Designers

The afternoon sessions will run concomitantly from 2.00 to 5.00 p.m. These workshops are more quantitative and result oriented and will focus on typography, paper folding, design management, communication planning, and strategy focus and design evaluation.

They will be presented by:
• Dr. Shelley Gruendler’s Change the Way you Think about Type
• David Holston’s Brand Development
• Rochelle Seltzer’s Making Strategy a Valuable Part of Your Process
• Trish Witkowski’s Escape the Tri-Fold Funk

The designers’ studio visits will also occur on Friday June 22 in a morning (8.00 a.m. until noon) and afternoon sessions (1.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.) will provide a unique opportunity for the conference’s attendees to get a closer look at the Boston art scene around the city. The visits encompass the large agency to a two-person studio; they are also custom-made with an à la carte menu flavors. These various studios on the tour specialize in marketing communication, identity development, branding, interactive, graphic design agencies, print, digital, packaging there is also a visit to a printer shop.

The morning tours will include the studios of: Corey McPherson Nash, Motiv, Toth + Co. Phillips Design Group and Weymouth Design.  The afternoon tour covers BFS Daniels, Korn Design, Minelli Inc., Stotze Design and Visual Dialogue. This unique glimpse and insider view into these studios promises a rewarding and gratifying peak into the sanctuary of the Boston’s creative community.  In our “society of spectacles” as coined by Roland Barthes, we yearn to demythologize the unfamiliar to become part of it; the studio visits are a prospect and an occasion to delight in.

I cannot encourage and support enough what this transformative conference with its pedagogical program, prominent speakers, distinctive workshops, and palette of design studios’ visits will provide to attendee. The experience of revolutionary ideas and life-changing inspiration will be relished long after the conference will have been completed.  Your design sensibility, skills and philosophy will be altered and will evolve into a novel, unprecedented visionary direction.

To register, visit or onsite at
 Hynes Convention Center 900 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02115

Originally Published in Berkshire Fine Arts

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