Beirut Art Fair turns 10 years old! Time to take a second look!
Dinah Diwan: Wandering City 
“Visual Synonyms” Exhibition: Creating New Design from the Combination of Japanese Logo Design and Arabic Calligraphy
Six Degrees of Connection: Photographer Gilbert Hage and the Artist Collective Antonello Ghezzi
Mark Lamster’s “The Island That Nobody Knows” Photographs at Pinkcomma Exude Melancholy and Beauty
Beirut Biennale for the Image (BIB) and its Aldebo Creative Platform: An Innovative and Compassionate Encounter of Art and Technology
Why Was Christo’s “Walking On Water” Such A Huge Success
Migrations and Surveillance Inform Art Basel 2016
The Doors of Perceptions: An All-Women Drawings Show Defying Gender Stereotypes Etel Adnan, Huguette Caland and Laure Ghorayeb
Entre Nostalgie et Modernité: La Trame Narrative, Visuelle et Emotive du 9ème Art Libanais Emerge Timidement
Marie Traboulsi Marinier Figurative Portraits of Hidden Meaning
The Paintings of Chirine Sayegh Make a Mark and Reconfigure the Lebanese Landscape
Raoul Rifaï Strikes Poetic Notes at Beirut Exhibition Center
Tamara al Samerraie Layers of Reading at Marfa’ Gallery
Martin Giesen: The Versatility and Power of Watercolor
Liliane Tyan : Transparence en mutation
Beirut Art Fair: Art pour l’art, art sur l’art,
art sans arrhes
Kameel Hawa, Sculptures Geometriques
et Biomorphiques
La Collection du Yacht Club de Beyrouth
Bouleverse les Paradigmes
Claudia Scarsella “I am The Two Moons”
Reveals And Conceals Other Reality
Piero Mascetti Paintings: A New Pictorial Language
Slab A Beirut: An Innovative Concept Art Venue Doubled with a Bar/Café
Syri-Arts, A Cry from Syrian Children: Do We
Dare Dream Again?
Matisse: In Search of True Painting at the MET
Edward Hopper’s Retrospective at the Grand Palais
The Celestial Icons: Rosa Parks and Mother Teresa
“Arcadia in Celle/Art for Nature and Nature for Art”
Florian Hecker “MIT Project”
Jane Ingram Allen at South Boston Distillery Gallery

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