Violinist Yury Revich Thrills with the Georgian Philharmonic Strings

Nélida Nassar   03.16.2016

Juxtaposing together Baroque Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” and 20th century Astor Piazzolla’s “The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires (Verano porteño)” in a single concert creates a fascinating program of similarities and contrasts. Here the Mediterranean soul meets the exuberance of South America. The Georgian Philharmonic Strings selects one of the most accessible violin pieces for its audience to get acquainted with and compare them at the Al Bustan Festival. This combination of Piazzolla’s and Vivaldi’s works may have been ‘unusual,’ as one of the spectators remarked, but it is memorable in a very refreshing and pleasant way.

With his angelic looks, the 21 years old gifted Russian Yury Revich, fifth generation of his dynastic violinists family, has the superb technique to play Vivaldi’s four violin concertos. Much of an achievement since these are particularly challenging violin’s pieces and with his hyper-expressive phrasing, Revich’s interpretations is exquisite. His “Spring” is joyful more than sorrowful, his “Summer” sultry more than soporific, his “Autumn” soothing more than frenzied, and his “Winter” warm to the point of passion.

Delightfully, Revich does have the technique to play Piazzolla’s much more demanding music, and his rendition is feisty, spirited and touchy. What’s more, he seems to have as much feel for the Piazzola as for the Vivaldi. His interpretations brings understanding to the Argentine composer’s sense of rhythm and melody. Accompanied by the young, audacious and polished Georgian orchestra and under his direction, their performance deploy a rich, deep and racy personal style.

Revich performs on a 1783 Balestrieri’s violin generously placed at his disposal by the Goh Family of Singapore and the Amadeus International School in Vienna. A humanitarian, he has performed to raise funds for Japan’s Tsunami victims. He also is the founder of the young Quartet Quatuor du Soleil.

Revich plays with a passion and an intensity that is striking and singular. His fire and inimitable spontaneity as well as his honesty and depth are stirring even if at times his tunes may lack nuances. He has totally won me over. I am convinced he is one of the most extraordinary and exemplary violin virtuosos to come along in several generations. A young, stellar talent to watch for!