Lebanese Theatre

Anbara is Superb in Wrestling with Social Conventions, Religion and Bitterness of Colonial Legacy

Joe Kodeih’s Brilliant Dangerous Liaisons – and Some Missed Opportunities

Venus alias “Venus of Fur” A Probing on Slippery Power Dynamics Between Sexes

Randa Asmar : Eloquente traduction en arabe du Dieu du Carnage de Yasmina Reza

Palais des Femmes : Poésie, film, musique et danse en synesthésie

Kholoud Nasser Dazzling Performance of Dario Fo’s “A Woman Alone”

Hayda Mish Film Masri is an Inspiration for Domestic Abuse Survivor’s Activism

Rozy Yazigi’s Impressive 74-minute, One-Woman Show Rima

Alexandre Paulikevitch in “Elgah”: Watch me Move Resistance!

Lebanon’s National Railway History: Inspiring The Arts

Questioning Theatre: Lina Saneh on
her and Rabih Mroué Play 33rpm and
a Few Seconds

Two living Legends Join Forces:
Hanan al-Shaykh and Nidal al-Achkar



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