Time Takes The Time Time Takes Subliminal Continuum, Movement and Time

Nelida Nassar   04.18.2016

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Guy Nader et Maria Campos work Time Takes The Time Time Takes is ostensibly a story about dynamic body conversations, about the journey that cast five contemporary dancers to present the audience with time types in movement. The piece unfolds as a collage of cameos circling themes of creative and productive; physically energetic and active; playful and entertaining; learning and spiritual; restful and relaxing time capsules and their significance. It exposes their dancing talents to the free, fierce, vivid and regulated cadence of Miguel Marin music.

There’s a mood, an attitude to the work – to the women (Maria Campos and Roser Tutusaus) in particular – that suggests an appreciation of beauty and an acceptance of time pleasures: the feel of good time, the flow of time. In many solos, the women seem to dance for no one but themselves, luxuriating in their own limbs when moves a line of three dancers explodes suddenly from the side of the stage. Thais Hvid, Guy Nader, Magi Serra – male performers – appear with a similar focus, their emotional effects wrought out of a deep, intimate engagement with their repetitive, dangling movements, scooting spins and runs. When the dancers form human chains, pendulum of a clock or an outgoing wheel that gyrates and unravels to near statis, they’re not arbitrary clusters but alluring twine of togetherness. The music – easy on the ear with rhythmic beat and flow – is mostly gentle, often tinged with melancholy.

Nader and Campos choreography is so profoundly shaped by music remains meticulously pinned to its score. But because it relies so little on extraneous effects – elaborate lighting or stage design it exudes an ubiquitous minimalism. They use the music/clock ticking to tell a narrative of their own, creating a new hybrid dance out of their very different styles. With the stage curtain transformed into a white semi-circular backdrop, the shadows of the dancing bodies, with their after images are visually captivating. The result is a perceptual experience of time suffused with subtlety and poetry, a moment that makes your heart surrender and radiate beyond our fleeting glimpse of time.

Idea and Concept: Guy Nader, Maria Campos
Direction: Guy Nader
Creation and Interpretation: Maria Campos, Thais Hvid, Guy Nader, Roser Tutusaus, Magí Serra
Music:  Miguel Marín
Design and Lights: Israel Quintero, Lidia Ayala
Costumes: Viviane Calvitti
Production: Raqscene
Administration: SMart ib
Coproduction: Mercat de les Flors
Support: Graner- fàbrica de creació, L’Estruch, CO2 Festival/Maqamat, La Caldera, Paso a 2 and Universidad Carlos III
Collaboration: Department of Culture – Generalitat de Catalunya, AC/E (PICE)
Acknowledgments: Miquel Fiol, Fàtima Campos, Bush Hartshorn, Alexis Eupierre.
Creation first phase with dancers: Francesco Barba, Charlotte Mathiessen
Photo credit: Alfred Mauve

website: http://www.gn-mc.com