Beans and Friends: Enthralling Recipes

Nelida Nassar  11.07.2014

Claude Chahine Shehadi and Maria Rosario Lazzati are behind the popular Libaliano cooking workshops in London that specialize in Mediterranean cuisine and authors
of Bean and Friends (2014) that complete their cooking trilogy Lentils (2012) and
Chickpeas (2013).

This elegant cookbook, Beans and Friends, has a mission like the two previous ones before it: “Rice and beans make your children grow.” It is divided into two sections Traditional and Modern Cooking with 32 recipes into each. It also covers the foods of Lebanon and Italy ranging from very simple to sophisticate. The recipes and gorgeous images will lead you through creating satisfying, flavorful meals. The tips on tools and gadgets, essential pantry items and useful knife skills will get your through the process.

Has there ever been a more generous ingredient than the bean? Deeply delectable, hearty, soul-satisfying, and inexpensive, there’s nothing a bean can’t do — and there’s nothing that Claude and Maria can’t do with beans. From black-eyed and pintos to rediscovered heirloom ones like green beans, fresh shell beans to flageolet, Bean and Friends is certainly a cookbook cornucopia about beans. The recipes are very good covering the spectrum from appetizers, soups through hearty main dishes, even couple of sweets using beans. They each come with pictograms denoting the content, preparation and cooking time and the number of serving, giving useful information. Facts, quotations, personal stories and even frivolous humor pepper the cookbook throughout.

The full-page color images, photographed by the authors, are alluring. You’ll come across recipes like Goat’s Eyes Bean Moujaddara, Pendolon, Haricot Bean Tabouleh, Purgatory Bean, Black-Eyed Bean and Seafood Fregola. And for dessert, Cannellini Bean and Blueberry Cake, Butterbean and Pistachio Cupcakes.

Claude and Maria include notes and description along the way for the nearly 64 recipes, many of which can be made in 60 minutes or less. Their book is fun and friendly, and the recipes’ directions clear and precise will keep you at ease. For those who might be curious about beans cooking, or those who are looking for a breath of fresh air for vegan meal options or anyone who simply loves great recipes, you’ve got to flip through the pages of this book. They’ll draw you in! What are you waiting for to get your copy?

Published by Tamyras Lebanon and France
Do not miss the book signing at The Beirut Salon du Livre and
Dar Books and Bistro, Hamra

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